I've been waiting and waiting on posting these pictures. It was a surprise photo shoot, except I almost got caught! These two girls have been BFFs before they were even born. Lillian, will be moving away on Tuesday. Her daddy is a pilot in the Air Force and they are moving to Phoenix. It was so fun to see these little girls, in best friend action, between a tea party, dress up, tee ball and reading books. This will be something their mommies can cherish for a lifetime! About being caught, Charlotte and Jeff were going on a date, so, Kelli had this plan all set up. Megan, the babysitter would give the all clear. Well, I got there a few minutes early. I drove up and sat in the car down the street. Next thing I know, Jeff and Charlotte have come out of the house to wait for the dinner dates to get to their house. I for sure thought that Charlotte would at least see the car or someone would see me sitting in my car thinking I was weird. I'm so glad to say, that she didn't see me and the surprise happened! Enjoy!