I had the honor of taking Nick and Laine out to Tanglewood Plantation, in Lynchburg for their engagement pictures. It's by far, one of the pretties plantations I've had the honor of taking pictures at. I've got a blog post coming shortly all about Tanglewood, stay tuned. 

We arrived and starting taking pictures right away. We were trying to move rather quickly, because it was thundering in the distance. We made it pretty much around the grounds and decided to head towards the back of the grounds where there's a beautiful old barn.

We were a few feet from the barn and it started to pour. I mean cats and dogs pour! So, we hid under the carport part of the barn, which happens to have a brand new roof. About 15 mins into the downpour, it began to thunder and lighting bad. Just as it got bad, lighting struck in a field not even 20 feet in front of us! I felt it in my feet and legs. I screamed, Laine grabbed us and Nick just stood in shock. I will forever remember that moment! 

After the storm passed, we had about 20 mins of light left. We took 10 of those 20 mins, trying to find where the lighting struck. We couldn't find it, so we took pictures in front of the beautiful barn to remember it by! I'm sure none of us will ever forget it. 

We have one more session at a different location and than their wedding in June 2016. 

The barn was beautiful before, but after the rain the wood picked up some amazing colors! 

P.S. This was after the down pour and almost getting struck by lightening!