David and Shae, were married on a hot July evening.  

I sat down with them last year and the date was set for the end of March. Its gorgeous weather in the Carolina's during spring and fall. Well, Shae contacted me in the beginning of the year to say that they received orders for...wait for it, Alaska! So, she pushed back the date and on they went to Alaska. 

Shae and David are already married, but they didn't have a wedding. But like every girl, we dream of our wedding day. The dress, the hair, the groom, our family. We have it laid out in detail before we even meet our groom or get engaged! Am I right?

The Jones' had their wedding day and nothing was going to stop them, deployment, banged up knee from playing basketball, nothing. It was a blast! Enjoy.  

The groomsmen. There wasn't a serious bone, in any one of them*.

*note the socks!

First glance! I love the idea, it kinda gets all the nerves out and you actually get to have a moment and see each other for the first time alone!

You'll noticed the bride and groom dancing with crutches. I received a call from the bride letting me know her groom had gotten hurt playing basketball and he had to have surgery on his knee, he'll have to walk with crutches, during the wedding! So, they an awesome first dance with crutches!