I was honored to be able to take engagement, along with some commercial photography out at Tanglewood Plantation, 2 weeks ago. Tanglewood Plantation, dates back to 1830's! Gorgeous is an understatement and the pictures do not even do this place justice! 

I met the owners Dr. Dyce and his wife Jamie Dyce. They're amazing. Jamie, is so hospitable! I highly recommend Tanglewood Plantation, to someone looking for a place for their wedding, reception or any other event! 

Upon entering Tanglewood, you're greeted with a beautiful entrance. A white fence and beautiful "Tangled" trees. 

An old school house, is located on the left, of the circular drive way, leading to the plantation. This will become the "groom" hangout during a wedding. 

The plantation's, double porch, brick entrance, and landscaping are stunning. It took my breath away when I drove up. 

Every time there was a wedding on the property, a love bench was built! 

Hanging moss and a beautiful sunset, through the trees = Southern Dream 

The old smoke house is located behind the plantation. Along with brand new brick pavers and a fountain. 


A brand new pool, is located in the back right of the property. The commercial kitchen is located inside the pool house, for catering needs during events, such as weddings. 

Finally, at the back is this old barn. The wood on the barn is gorgeous. I happened to see it after it rained. It took on a purple and green color. Beautiful. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing Tanglewood Plantation! To book your next event, which I highly recommend, you can find them on Facebook, email tanglewoodplantation1830@gmail.com or go to the website tanglewoodplantation.com