Brides, lets talk bridal registries! Like most engaged couples, including myself (10 years ago), we had no money! Not a dime, not a penny, we had a car that was paid off and zero debt but nothing in the bank! lol! So, we registered for lots of practical items, because we needed EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I look back and thank the good Lord that we did register for practical items, but I wish I would have spent more time registering for the pretty timeless things that you will not buy once you're married, with multiple children! Plus, this is the only time other people will buy it for you and your wonderful beloved husband will not care, when someone else buys it for you. ;) 

Brides, go ahead and register for those pretty things, paintings, dinner ware, accessories, door hangings, pillows, chairs, antique furniture, hand towels and all things beautiful and gorgeous at Sumter's local shop One Accord!