Alex and Hallie were married on a beautiful September day. We have become friends with this sweet family. This wedding was as little bittersweet for me. I probably cried a gallon of tears, watching my two oldest daughters walk down the aisle as flower girls.  They will soon be in Hallie's shoes, walking down the aisle with their daddy. 

The ceremony took place at First Baptist-Sumter. I love the inside of this church! The stain glass is breathtaking! Bloomsbury Floral Design made the sanctuary gorgeous with their flower designs. 

Hallie walked down the aisle and there wasn't a dry eye in the church, especially from her future husband Alex! He couldn't keep from crying, which made for a precious ceremony. Hallie's dad, gave her away with the most precious words. The ceremony was gorgeous and ended with Alex washing Hallie's feet and Hallie washing Alex's. 

The reception took place at a house on the outskirts of Sumter overlooking Columbia, South Carolina! The decorations were gorgeous, chandeliers hanging from trees, a cross over looking the hills, with people and family galore. They ate, cut the cake and danced the night away until it was dark and we couldn't see anymore! 

P.S. Note to all Grooms, the day of your wedding, do not play basketball right before you're going to the altar. You never know what might happen, like an almost broken ankle!